Nathanael Padgett

Web Development

I enjoy making websites and creating online brands for small businesses and organizations who are passionate about what they do. If you’d like to know more about the websites I create, check out my business website: 417 Solutions, LLC

URL Rewrites on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS v8.5.9600.16384

URL Rewrites on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 build with IIS v8.5.9600.16384 Are you trying to get a basic rewrite rule to work with your newly installed IIS server? If you’re like me, you probably searched the web looking for an answer to your problem. Well, let me share how
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Decrease Page Load Speed

Decrease Page Load Time in 2 Minutes

Literally, it only took two minutes to decrease a client’s page load time. I’ve been testing and implementing this trick on several sites, both WordPress and JQuery Mobile sites and it works like a charm. Here are the results on one of my clients’ sites. They pretty
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Does Paying Facebook Pay Off For Your Business?

Your Facebook ‘likes’ aren’t increasing at the rate you’d hoped, so you go ahead and pay Facebook to do a little advertising for you. Sound familiar? Depending on your budget, you might have seen a huge spike in ‘likes’ in a few weeks. perhaps your
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Beyond Partnership

Project Complete:

Just went live with a new website this week (June 11, 2012): Over the past couple months I had the privilege of working with Phil Williams, Director of Partnership Development. I say, “privilege” because it’s not that often that a client has all
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RSS Email Subscriptions: Best Solution

Email subscriptions are a wonderful thing; especially when you don’t have to continually visit a website to find out what’s new. RSS feeds drive most email subscription services; so instead of users having to track an RSS feed (most people have no clue how to do this, even
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PPC Alone Is Not The Answer!

A company can not survive on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising alone. They can not think that to get customers they MUST spend money. This is the day of social media; and a time to embrace the idea that if you’re a rockin’ business and have ACTIVE social media accounts, your
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West Church Site – Complete!

West Congregationl Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts now has a new website: A new logo is still in the works, but for now the site is basically complete. Hope you enjoy!…
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Misconception #1: A Website Will Attract Clients

I got the opportunity to speak to a gentleman today who’s looking to start a service business. We spoke briefly about how the service he offers can be advertised and how a website can/can’t help with getting new clients. Basically stated, a website is not the final solutio
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Getting Visitors To Your Website

You may have a nice looking website, but it doesn’t really matter if people aren’t viewing it! Lets take a quick look at some ways to get traffic to your website...
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